Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mouth Can't Stop Chewing [Pt1]

Mouth won't stop chewing when delightful food is served around. And this may be one of the reasons causing me plum. >.<

sexy isn't it?

Well, forget about the "fattening" thing. Will think of solutions later on.
My dreams come true anyway. I had accomplish 2 tasks within 2 months. *yippy*
  1. Daorae (Oct)
  2. Jogoya (Nov)

Before heading back to Kampar, hang out with my bffs at

This would be the perfect place for chit-chatting compare to other bbq restaurants. As no self service, no distraction. See the picture below, the worker served us like a princess. He helped us grilled the meat which we ordered. I would rate that the service 10/10. The foods are delicious as well.

Main dishes of the day:

Kim Chi

Steamed Ric Chi
after process it turns


Kim Chi soup *forget the exact name*

Not to forget, TISSUE QUEEN of the day, goes to
Barley Poh *clap clap*

She is burning the trees! See she makes the mother earth cries so badly.

Group photo of us. Full of satisfaction.

The plates are squeaky clean, as everything goes into our tummy. *yum yum*

Before so called end of our day, we get cute hello kitty lolly for FREE from the "tao kei". Then, we started to pose, pose, pose.
-The End-