Sunday, February 27, 2011

ViVa Presentation

The biggest fear-ViVa presentation has just ended. :)
Which means the another one step closer to end our RMP. *happy*
Left some editing job to be done. :D
How good or bad was our performance?
I have no idea. But at least we have did our best.
For those who don't know what RMP stands for?
Come, come. Let me do some short and simple explanation.
RMP stands for Research Methodology & Project, which is a.k.a final year project
for all the UTAR accounting students.
It takes around 1 year to complete, which I feel is kinda torturing.

So now??
Say goodbye to sleepness night. Tension. Frustration of redoing again, again & AGAIN.
However, is not the end of my final sem yet.
There are still tons of assignments and mid terms waiting for me. *sob*
Gonna put more efforts to strike for better results.

Group photo after the presentation:
5 of us with our supervisor & also our examiner - Mr. Khor

Mr. Khor was the super star of the day.
wondering why?
Let the photos tell the story.

Does he looks stunning and adorable with the quak quak tie?
Everyone was so excited camwhore with him.
It is rarely for us to see his kawaii face not to mention smiling face in class or office.
I never expect that he will put the tie on. As his first response was a BIG NO NO.
Also, never expect he will play like a kid.
*Jaw Drop*

Perfect match. Perfect expression. ^^

Of course, never forget to pamper ourselves with delighted food @

-The End-

Last but not least
can you guess what zodiac signs we are acting?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

It's our 5th year celebrating Valentine's day together.
Surprise from him
handmade origami rose by him *love*

It is not an ordinary rose. It contains something special.
Spot by yourself. (:
To me it was simple yet the greatest gift ever.
The rose blooms.
According to him it represents that our love will nonstop blooming.

Photo of us.
Happy V'day.

thanks for everything.
by my side anytime, anywhere.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year 兔 everyone!
Hope it would be an awesome year for me & you.
good fortune, good health
& good luck*

Speaking of bunny year, here are some adorable photos to share (:
Guess what is it doing?
Playful little Bit chewing the flower

Little Niel looks more like a dog instead of a rabbit! *spot at its tam jiak look*

Red is the main theme for Chinese New Year!
Ang pao a.k.a red packets are red. Lantern red.
As it represents "ONG arhhhh"!

Not to forget:
Red finger and toe nails *check

red shoes??? *not in list
Still hesitating to buy or not to buy.
Wise decision - forgone it.
Save money. *cross my fingers*

Lastly, in Chinese tradition, huat kuih would not be left out. Huatttttt arhhhhhhhhhh!
nice to see but not nice to eat.
As it is made of wax. x)