Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kitty kitty meow meow~

What a lovely Saturday night, staying at home, nothing to bother, nothing to worry, occupying the whole night series marathon and doing some nail art painting. Since now I'm in the mood to blog, there is something I wanna share.

Jiang, jiang, jiang!!!
Finally I get the hello kitty debit card in hand. ;) Due to my "kiasu-ness" I applied this card in no time, after the week of new launching debit card from Hong Leong bank. This card is limited edition. There is a limit quota in every branches. Well don't get me wrong, I'm not a Hello Kitty freak! Actually I do really hate cat and I even hate copycat. And it sounds kinda funny, hello kitty is acceptable in my list. This hello kitty card is too cute to be resist. You don't see and find any cute or special debit, credit or atm cards in the market, do you? Even the day-to-day Public Bank debit card not as cute as this one, I bet. To be honest, before applying for this card, there are so many questions that I'm hesitating about. I doubt that you do too. Unless you apply blindness-ly due to overload of cuteness. For me I do not want to waste or pay extra yearly fee. Although the amount is not huge. Besides, I already got 1 debit card and 1 atm card. p/s, I'm still poor for credit card. >.<

Some Q&A to share:
Q1, does this card provide any benefits for swiping? Any rebates or discounts?
Ans, if you wanna enjoy rebates or discounts, my advice go for other debit or credit cards then. Unless you don't care about the conditions. You only get points for what you spend. This card is more on savings purpose. As the bank provides different hello kitty gifts for different range of saving. The more money you save, also the bigger chance you of winning Suzuki Swift home.
Q2, How much is the yearly fee?
Ans, Well is kinda cheap that what I expect for debit card. Is similar to ATM card yearly charges.
For more info, you should check on the sites or ask the person whom in charge. (:

Wonder why I still apply? Since it sounds not really worth. Well simple, I wanna separate my savings and expenses into two different accounts. Since this card is more on saving purpose. If you do know me very well, I'm consider a shopaholic. I may lost of control in spending sometimes. >.< I will keep hunting for branded stuff. I know it sounds very bad. *slap me harsh for that* In conclusion, I may not sure how much I have spend or save for every month. As my salary all goes in to my debit card and I just swipe, swipe, swipe whenever I shop. So from now onwards, I need to self control and limit myself. I'm gonna bank in my savings to this cute lil card. My chapter of savings shall begin. Looking forwards for it. *wink* maybe is just an excuses for applying hah
The process:
Friday was kinda fun, rush and insane. I was like playing dash dash games like those diner dash, wedding dash games which we used to play in the computer. After the lunch bell rang, me and one of my friend aka colleague, ran out the office at once. No time to waste. During lunch hour, you see traffic jams everywhere, especially at town areas. For sure others might wondering what the hell is going on with us, we two. As normally, I don't go out for lunch, I have my lunch at the office. And that entire day, I even skipped my lunch because of this card. LOL. Luckily I didn't suffer gastric pain. :D Lunch time was the only time where we can get to apply. As you know banks don't open on weekends! On weekdays, I have to do the same, boring routine which is work. That's why I don't have any extra time to spare. Is glad to say everything was working great and perfect, we managed to settle everything in time, reach the office in time.*Happy and full of satisfaction* What a nice experience of the day. :)

Closer view of my card

Sunday, October 9, 2011

911 My Convo, My Day

Who says 911 have to be a bad day? Well I bet everyone knows that there is an incident happened couple years ago at United States in New York City and Washington D.C., area on September 11, 2001.  World Trade Centre towers were collapsed due to the hit of the plane. Then, it became a history till now. Well, I ain't gonna explained any further stories of that incident. If you wanna know more google it yourself. :) However, September 11, 2011 was my big & very important day. I was invited to attend my convocation ceremony which was held at Kay Elle, Wisma MCA.

To be proudly said that "I'm officially graduated!" After 4 years of hard work, tears & stress. By the way is really worth while. I do see the results. I still remember vividly that during Year 1, I was so lost. I hate accounting this subject so much that you can hardly imagine. And kept thinking, complaining and even blaming my parents are the one who forced me to pursue in this subject & I don't have a choice! I cried most of the time and I even made my parents feel so disappointed upon me. Although I hurt them so deep, they never felt of giving me up instead keep on encouraging me, gave me some good advices. Seriously, without their support & love I couldn't make this far. I couldn't graduated in time. Without their advice, I wouldn't change my mind taking ACCA either or work as an audit assistant. Probably I will lost in nowhere. Without their financial support, I would need to hunt money all by myself. And I wouldn't got the chance to enjoy luxurious life like now. They really do give me a lot, give me the best of the best. Even now, although I've started to work, they still support me a little, in term of financial. I do not have to burden myself in returning car loan every month as well as the ptptn loan. (:  A million, thousand thanks to dad and mum. I owe both of you a lot.

Due to the limitation of words, I couldn't made any gratitude message for my friends. Unless I type in chinese version. However, my dad is english literate. If I type in chinese I afraid he won't understand what am I talking about. Well, I shall make one here. (: Hope is not too late. To ALL my friends, you know who you are, I would like to say a BIG thank to each and every one of you who paint my uni life from dull, grey and dark color into a wonderful, colorful life. And also willing to lend me a hand in studies and assignments whenever I need. I miss those old times that we study, we played, we travelled, we laughed, we stressed, we enjoyed, we complaint together. Kampar consists all of our memories. Is a sad thing to say that none of us will be found there anymore. After graduate, everyone of us have our own directions, hunting for different futures, chasing for different dreams. I'm here sincerely hoping you guys may have a bright, shine future. Noted, I may not be the best and perfect friend to every one of you, and sometimes I may even accidentally offended and hurt you. I truly apologized for what I did. Thanks for being so kind to forgive and forget. I cherish our friendships that we made. I hope you do too. (: Don't ever forget me, kay?

We are the STAR of the day. We shine like blink blink. :P
Cameras love us.
Till we have no clue which camera to spot or look at.

Group Photo. Friends 4ver.

Me & my lovely mum and dad.
I prefer without wearing the mortar board. Cause looks more pretty instead of chubby. As you may wonder why separated photo instead one shot of three? Because many imperfect shots. As I don't have idea where are they looking at. Seems like I'm the only ONE who sensitive with the camera. xD Well no worries. Luckily we did a family portrait at the famous yet old studio. A perfect one. Thanks to the professional, old cameraman. He ain't using any high end cameras like dslr but an old traditional camera which using film. One shot done! If you are Penangite, you might know which studio am I mentioning and where is the studio located at. If you are doubting one shot can snap a great photo? Answer is YES. By the way a high end cameras doesn't make you a better photographer. As what they share in facebook: You aren't a photographer. You just have an overpriced camera. What you need is a skill!

Me & Mr BF. We graduated together!
Thanks for being by my side all the time. Go throughs all those thick and thin.
Love ya.

My & Mr BF family.

Coming up next, let the photos tell the story
Best buddy, Mei Kuan
Showing off our scrolls!

Best buddy aka housemate, Florence

Yong Chee

My current colleague, Kim Gee

Phaik and Aidy

Mr. Khor
Previous: Lecturer, supervisor
Current: my friend

The twins

The lovely couple
Wei Kee

Lee Ling 

Lastly, your truthfully
looks sweaty and sticky.

My favorite shot of the day:
Throwing the mortar broad high high up to the sky.
See everyone happy, joyful face.
Spotted me? My jaw opened up so wide.

-Sunflowers direct me to bright future-

If we ever meet again