Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lost & Found

I'm consider a very lucky girl.
For the god sake, my babe was lost and found.
What babe? (I bet you might be wondering)
Week ago, I drop and left my mobile behind the parking lot for almost 3 bloody hours.
I've never realized I dump the poor lil thingy alone on the road.
 I thought I just misplaced in somewhere else around the house or car.
Till I found some troublesome in searching for it.
"Oh wonderful!" 
I started to panic and my heart sank into the deep blue ocean at that very moment.
First time being so "big head prawn" a.k.a clumsy.
Normally, many people may not be that lucky to gain it back as what I heard.
And soon it belongs to the new founder.
Conclusion:The founder happy, the owner cry.
Really thanks god! It still belongs to the owner <me> again.
Luckily, my mobile is dark enough not to be noticed. 
And at the mean time it's in silent mode. So nobody will ever realized.
Or else I may need to hold on a farewell party for my poor lil thingy. >.<
Definitely, my dad or mum gonna screw me up for sure.
Then, I might cry out loud for the entire day? T.T
End up with a miserable day?

Scratches on my mobile. Not obvious.

Tapi I tak suka. Kinda heartache.
However, Mr BF said scratches is better than you totally lost it.
Yep, he's right about that.
Still...... I expect it to look perfect. *sigh*

Lesson of the day:  Never ever be so clumsy & careless again.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Stage of Life

I've been lazing and shaking leg like nobody business at home for 2.5 months.
Which also means that I've been jobless for 2.5 months.
I'm envious of my friends who already have their permanent job and started to earn their own money.
And what I get is zero income in my account. >.<
Although my parents did not nag or rush me to hunt for a job or get my butt off to work a.s.a.p.
But still I will feel kinda tension & find myself useless.

BUT for now
  Goodbye to my lazy life, Hello to my work life!
Oh yeah! I get my dream job.
N years ago, I swear & complaint that I would not want to work in accounting field or pursuing ACCA.
However, for now it turns out to be another story.
I know it sounds kinda weird, lame & funny.
My ambitious and mind do change as time to time. 
What changes my mind? I've no idea about that. It doesn't matter.
Most importantly I'm happy with my current job. *wink*
FYI, I've started my job on the mid of August instead of early September.
I don't wanna be a useless person with no income anymore.
Getting a half month pay is better than getting nuts.
Two weeks had passed, I still can't really adapt the working environment.
I will get tired and sleepy very easily.
Weekends became my very best friend
I'm hugging my bed tightly instead of hanging out or do some shopping spree.
There are many courses and activities which I plan to attend during my weekends.
The saddest thing is, my words speak louder than my actions. -.-
I'm too tired for that or to move on. I need some time to adapt it. 
Hopefully, not too long.
If dragging it too long, I'm afraid I will loose to spirit.

After working, I started to realize...
Working and Study is totally two different things, two different worlds, two different subjects.
Study life is more fun than working life. No doubt.
Working life ain't fun at all.
No wonder my parents keep on tell me that there is no need to be so rush for work.
You will be regret for sure if you started to early. * I feel it* 

The only think I hate about study is exam. >.<
Now I miss my study life @ secondary and uni so badly.
When you go uni for further studies, you will miss your secondary school life and friends.
When you started to work, you will start missing your uni life and friends.
what would be next?

Lucky me, after two weeks of working, now I get to enjoy 6 days holidays. *yippie*
-Time to take a deep breathe, reload, refresh myself, my mind, my soul and everything.-

Everything gonna be okay.
Wish me luck.
~Currently, listen to This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan