Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Date with Harry Potter

Went to watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2
with my bff once again.

The rating for this movie, I would give 10/10.
It's freaking awesome. Every scene every part, full of actions and climax. 
Unlike the previous 6 HP movies. Only certain parts (mostly ending part) are exciting.  
If you insist me to watch for a second time in cinema. I would definitely say "YES!"
Unexpected things came by in HP7. I thought Severus Snape isn't a good guy after all.
He always treated Harry badly. He even kill Professor Dumbledore.
However, he was just acting bad at the outside, in the inside actually he do cares & loves Harry.
He required Dumbledore to save the boy since the beginning when Voldemort killed Potter's family.
That's why the story begins with... The Boy Who Lived.
To know more, do take a look at the movies and books. 
The 7 Books / Movies of HP:
  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I just realize how time flies. 
My friend reminded me that, we've been chasing this movie, since thirteen.
And finally the movie has come to the end.
But now we are already twenty two. *lol sounds old*
Well the actors/actress in HP all grown ups as well.
From kiddy, chubby, cute look

round look

to young mature adults

pretty and handsome

Ooopsssii..We just realized, we have already forgotten some part of the stories.
When there are some flashback showed in HP7.
Who to blame? No one to blame. 
Since the movie had drag till so long to the end. >.<

Talk about grown ups.
Is our turn. xD
Some photos to share.

Ages ago,
so called teenager look. 

Current look,
young adults.

whatcha think? any differences?

- That's all -
signing off

Monday, July 25, 2011

30 ♥ June ♥ 2011

Have my second date with my bff after such a long break.
Spot the photo - 画中有画 
coincidentally get this shot xD

The most wonderful thing dating with her is you will never skip your 3 important meals.
To her, the most important thing is eat / food. Foodaholic.
As I have mentioned in the earlier post, I do skip lunch very often. 
So, will definitely skip breakfast for sure.

 Meal one, we have dim sum nearby KDU college. 
This was my very first time, in my entire life, having dim sum early in the morning with friend in Penang.

 Meal two, headed to Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen for lunch.
First time, first try.
Well, the so called 四川拉面 I swear I will never order it again!
It taste sweet instead of spicy.
Not my cup of tea. >.<
While eating, accidentally spotted his name on the coke can which I ordered. 

Meal three, headed to Winter Warmers - our all time favourite hang out place.
Love the food and beverages.
As delightful as always. (:

Wait! That's not a full stop of the day.
Actually our main plan was watching Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon [3D]
A long waited movie. I was so eagerly, excited to watch it in the first place.
I did bought the tickets 2 days earlier, cause afraid of full house.
My all time favourite movie. :D
However, my personal comments for Transformers 3,
not as good as Transformers 1 & 2.
Honestly, I feel kinda disappointed and speechless.
The storyline, kinda sucks confusing. Not good.
Maybe you wouldn't agree with me, but this is what I felt.
1. Just wondering why Deception in Transformers3 looks like alien & predator instead of robot.
2. The new star Rosie hot & sexy, but too much screaming in the scenes. =.= Personally, I favor Megan Fox more. She looks more stunning, hot & sexy than Rosie.
3. Where all those Autobots in Transformers 2 & 3 gone to? Why only left Optimus Prime & Bumblebee? Even though they are the main ones but others? Gone to no where? Even the cute two dumbness ice-cream car also no longer appear in scene. Many unfamiliar new Autorobots. I get so confused which is which??
4. The 3D effects too little. More to 2D instead of 3D. I burned my pocket money watching RM8 extra for 3D.  Don't get to enjoy the discount some more! Because of my student card has already expired. End up, this kind of movie I get. What a waste. >.<
5. One thing new about this movie, the director start using cool cars like Ferrari & Mercedes Benz E550 instead of just Chevrolet.
For your info, this would be the last production Transformers movie of Michael Bay. No more Transformers4. Unless there's a new director would like to take place.

Picture of the day, 
Take 1#

Take 2#


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Currently, Recently

Emo is just the right word to describe my current mood. 
I don't see colors in my life. 
Don't ask me why, what or how.
Sorry, I'll refuse to answer any.
I'll be fine soon.

Currently listen to
- Just the moment, just the perfect song -

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do's & Don'ts

In Kampar,
  1. I do consume supplement daily.
  2. I do apply lotion daily.
  3. I do sleep early. no choice. need to attend early class.
  4. I do have more freedom.
  5. I do have beautiful skin.
  6. I do skip lunch once awhile but not everyday.
In my hometown-Penang,
  1. I don't consume supplement. Not at all, not even daily.
  2. I don't apply lotion daily but depends on my mood. As a result, my skin looks dry & ugly.
  3. I don't sleep early. In conclusion, can't sleep at night. Can't get up in the morning.
  4. I don't have that much freedom. My freedom has gone narrow a little.
  5. I don't have beautiful skin. Thanks to Mr. Mosquito who bitten me up and sucked my blood. I rather to be sucked by a vampire than a mosquito. Now scars everywhere on my leg. *pissed off
  6. I don't take lunch, almost skip it everyday.
  7. One thing I don'ts for a good point is I don't head to any mamak store at Penang. (:
Based on the lists above, there's a really huge different lifestyle I have in two different geographical areas. Probably because of one is kampung, another one is a city?? Whatever it's, is time for me to do something. Or else my skin gonna turn dull and damn f*ing ugly. And GET A LIFE! Time for me to adjust into a balance & healthy lifestyle.
I shall start by today onwards. *Fingers cross*

-Good night-
signing off

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just A Summary

My blog looks dusty and old. It's been ages I did not make any further updates.
As I had promise to update at the end of May. But due to my laziness and tiredness.
I drag the post again and again.
And yeah ,finally I'm in a mood to blog again. :)
Where should I start? Blame me for dragging it too long.
Well, well history chronologically ain't my style, let it be free and random style then.

Month of May
It's the end of chapter of my uni life.
No longer need to sit for any mid terms or final.
You would also no longer hear any complains about how stressful & sleepless night cause by the assignments.
Neither complains about how bad & lazy the lecturer & tutor would be.
Nor complains about how bad the management style.
I kinda miss those life though & I miss you guys too.
I wonder how's everyone doing?

Did some graduation trip with classmates before saying goodbye.
Goodbye is the saddest word to say. *I hate it.*
Regrading the trip, I will make some further updates.

And finally, I'm officially graduated and get my honors degree.
Managed to strike the result that I want.
I'm happy to tell myself that I made it.
It would be the best result ever compared to previous few sems.
Graduated -Plaster of mine. Cute?-

What's more? I did some D.I.Y.
which I bought from the gift shop @ Kampar
Rock Cime theme was my choice as I fancy music & instruments.

The jazz drum set killed most of time.
It burned me 4 hours to complete it.

The guitar & saxophone.

Mr BF helped me out with the door and light.

Month of June
Received my belated present from mom. xoxo

Bought myself a puzzle which consists all of the Disney characters.
A puzzle that I want since I was a mere fourteen.
Yes! My wish was finally granted.
A million thanks to my beloved friend who help me bought it.
#You never fail to help out whenever I ask for.
You never mad at me even I throw out my temper on you sometimes,
instead you forget & forgive me.
I'm sorry for what I did.
Thanks for everything and being such a great, awesome friend.
BFF!! *you know who you are*#
It took me 3 days to complete these 1000 pieces.
The very first progress, also the most important progress you should do.
-differentiate the colors, find out the four corner pieces.
Which I hate the most. It is kinda boring to me.
However, I enjoy the progress of joining puzzle pieces, put them together.
At last, done & framed. :D
The cost I would claim is favorable. As the actual cost is lower than my estimated cost.
I'm totally addicted. Planning to get another one in 2000 pieces. Shall see.

Month of June, other than what I mention above, as what I remember I spent most of the time in house keeping.
Help aunt to organized her messy thing. >.<
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning all over the month.

Mr BF's lil brother lend me this.
It's been 3 years I have stop reading manga and watching anime.
I almost forget how funny and cute it is.
Me like this anime. The storyline *lmao*.

That's all.
- Toodles -