Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year Resolutions for 2011

I know it sounds kinda late for that. But I still feel like doing my resolutions for 2011(:
Life is like a roller coaster, there's ups and downs (happiness and sadness). No matter how good or bad it would be, life still goes on. No holding back. Therefore, do appreciate every moments of your life. My life in 2010, I would used the word great to describe. I hope it would be fabulous in the year of 2011. I'm looking forward for it. *wink*

Here's the simple resolutions of mine:
1. Be happy & stay healthy
cry lesser than last year

2. Pass my Degree with flying colors
1 more sem, I'm off. Get off Kampar & back to my comfort zone

3. Get a good job with a good pay
reduce parent's burden by earning money with my bare hands

4. Save more money, spend lesser.

5. Relationships:
~spend more time with family
~stay lovey-dovey with HIM
~F-R-I-E-N-D-S no matter where you are, I hope we can keep in
touch always

6. Travel!!!

Sg, where I plan to go again! HK, Bangkok or Australia, perhaps?

7. This may sounds silly but seriously I want my fair skin back!
fairer than before

8. Learn some makeup skills
I'm very weak on this. I can't even apply mascaras evenly :( gonna learn & improve it