Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holly Jolly

How was your X'mas?
Did you spent great time with your loves one?
Did this cute lil Santa fulfill your wishes?
I hope you guys had a wonderful, joyful Christmas. (:

Actually, I do not have any X'mas plans in mind except for family dinner. As I just recovered from sick, therefore I do not want to stress myself too much. I should rest more instead. Here comes the plan for that night after I received a called from a friend.
She: Hello, Cheng. I'm back. Do you have any plans for tonight? Any place for countdown?
Me: I thought you only planned for Christmas not eve?!
She: I saw you guys wrote on fb about the plans for Christmas eve.
Me: No. I did not even mention a word about the eve. =.= Did I?
She: Okay. Maybe I see or remember wrongly. So any plan?
Me: Well, why don't we go to somewhere new - Straits Quay.
She: Where is it?
*I should cut off long-winded conversations. N goes straight to the point*

Yep, Straits Quay is the place we were heading for that night. We were amazed by the beautiful lights hanging around the building. It looks so classy. Slap me for refusing to snap any photos by that time but later. Feels regret right now. Cause I thought we might be late for the countdown. My watch was ticking. It's almost time. Everyone crowded around the Christmas tree expecting there are some kind of event or whatever. Then I heard everyone shout out loud. "10, 9, 8... 0. Merry Christmas!" Few minutes later, I take a look at the sky, glance everywhere. Nothing! No fireworks. No event. Then why everybody standing there for so long? *I was wondering* Is there any golds gonna drop from the sky?! The only differences I can see was the lights
everywhere goes off exclude the Christmas tree & decorations. Great! I don't get to take any photo of the lights. *miserable* The atmosphere was kinda odd. Seems like I was guiding the wrong place for countdown. *Ooopps!*

But of course we won't just leave like that. Is time to explore the place!

taking photos with the loves one! - the huge Christmas tree

couple no.1

couple no.2 - the poser


Feeling the sea breeze. Looking at the twinkle twinkle stars.

That's all for the night.:)

For Christmas, there is a tradition which is the tree. Under the tree, there are presents! Yes, I'm talking about the present. This year, I received great gifts from my beloved parents. ♥

Big big sunglasses

Frustrations no more. No more complains about blurry shots. No more worries. As this baby could help to overcome the problems. *wink* Although it is not as best as dslr, but I believe it performs better than the compact digital camera.
A million thanks to papa & mama. *Love ya always*

Photo me like of the day:


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mouth Can't Stop Chewing [Pt2]

I've been craving Jogoya for months, more than half months I guessed. In the mean time, Jogoya also having promotions for ladies with 50% off. So why should I waste this great opportunity?So the story starts...

On 23rd Nov, 5 of us nearly missed the train twice. I repeat is TWICE! Who were that 5? Well, please continue reading to find out. As flor said, 1 minute can change everything. I agreed. So we were damn lucky enough to catch the train. I wonder who has this on his/her side? To make us so lucky. If we really missed the train, I dare not wonder how the routines will go on. Or perhaps there is any Plan B?

this refers to clover ---->

We reached KL early. The buffet started on 6.30p.m. Therefore, shopping was the best activity to kill our time. We couldn't have gone far to Sunway Pyramid or Mid Valley, if not we might be late for the dinner again. >.< Sungei Wang Plaza was our 1st stop, as it is nearer to Star Hill. Sungei Wang was having Gundam Model Kit Promotion Fair by that time. Of course, I would not forget to snap picture with this huge "handsome guy".

spotted this mini gundam. kawaii.

2nd stop - Uniqlo, Fahrenheit 88 Plaza

3rd stop - Pavilion
me like the Christmas deco

4th stop - Jogoya, Star Hill
Yes, we have finally reached our mission!
I heard my stomach growling. Is time to fill up my stomach with this delicious, tasty, delightful :

when mush mellow meets chocolate, it turns darkie.

dessert : Haagen Daz ice cream

p/s: You may find that the photo above is similar to Florence blog. A lazy bug like me will only concentrate eating instead of snapping every shot of the foods. Forgive me. Plus, my camera doesn't perform well in indoors or night scene, as it shows blur, blur, blur!

spot at Wey Pin "tam jiak" face

sweet sweet couple

Yeah, we were that 5.

Not to forget my bff (only joined us for the dinner)

Group photo of the day:
Florence , ME *exhausted face*,
Wey Pin, Zero, Josheen

Barley, ME,
Adam, Wey Pin

-The End-
*full of satisfaction*

Hold on!
The story don't end like this. 5th Stop, KL Central ---> RUSH HOUR
As I mentioned above, we nearly missed the train twice, then you may know why.

Although is kinda rushy, but I did enjoyed my day & trip.