Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bouncy bouncy

It's been TEN months, I didn't step into any saloon for a hair cut and groom myself. Last time I used to trim my hair every 3 months. Just realized, I have break myself a record. So you can imagine how heavy and messy my hair will looks like. Don't worry, TEN months without a hair cut, my hair definitely won't as long as like the fairy tale story of Rapunzel. Even 3 years without hair cut, not either too. At first I was planning to go for curl, unfortunately I don't have the balls nor guts! I might not accept the mature look of me for now, but will consider about it 3 years later. You know some people may looks stunning and pretty with curls. Eventually, some may not. I don't mean who actually, so don't misunderstood me. Besides, I can't bare the heaviness of my hair. In my opinion, to have a pretty curl hair, your must have pretty long length. Me no have, so? just chop without hesitating or regretting. Alright peeps, I know you wanna see my new look anxiously. Gonna cut off my boring, long winded grandmother stories. Here is my current look.

suits me?
lol. nah. This isn't a hair cut either. Is just styling my fringe differently.

HERE is the official look of mine.

BEFORE Messy bad hair day I've got.

AFTER I got bouncy, bouncy hair feel now.
I feel the bounce of my hair. *heheh*

Not very huge changes, I know! I just chop my hair off a little shorter (medium length) then curl it inward. I do not wanna chop my bangs again. As I looks very immature and kiddy. Don't believe me? See for yourself.
Whatcha think? Me no lying, right?

Actually you can save $$$ by using a hair curler in order to have this outcome, as what the hairstylist recommended. However, I refused! Reason number one, if you curl your hair everyday, your hair conditions will look worse and dry. So is better get a permanent perm. Reason number two, my hair is kinda stubborn. I have stubborn texture hair. If I curl now, 1 hour later, it will transform back to old ordinary hair look. No more curls. Unless I use plenty of spray and form to maintain the style. Then it turns out to be weird, stiff hair. Reason number three, I'm a lazy bump. Imagine I'm already lazy to make up, so would you expect me to spend more additional 30 minutes a day to style up my hair. Hell NO! By the way, fyi there is a new technology way for styling this kind of hair which is known as volume rebonding. Origin from Korea. Not every saloon shop have yet I suppose, unless those high-end, fashion saloons. As you know Malaysia not as advance as other countries like Japan, America, not even like the nearest country Singapore. Big gap! They pick up things super duper slow. Can't feel the beat I think. =.=  Iphone4s already launch at Singapore approximately 2 months ago. Malaysia?! Sure at least 3 months later. <Ooops back to topic> Well, I did not go for the volume re-bonding as he said my hair is extremely dry and frizzy. If I persistent wanna go for it, sure my hair will turns brittle! This is why I don'y dye, straighten my hair cause I'm afraid it will comes to this kind of conclusion. Also, there are further of reasons. I ain't gonna list down everything. Wanna know more? Keep reading and follow my footsteps. I love my new hair look but feel kinda frustration in the same time cause it looks a lil messy due to the dryness of my hair. Thanks to the anti-dandruff shampoo. It works very efficiently in one day to control my dandruff while in the mean time, my hair turns dry at once. Looks dry and frizzy not because of perming but SHAMPOO! Need lots of, plenty of conditioner to smoothen back once again. Popppi (Pray) Essential hair mask will love me and works efficiently and effectively on my hair!!!!!!!! I wanna have a silky hair like Rapunzel laaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mk said...

Lol my dear... do u believe that, i looks similar with u now?
Haha.. because i also had a hair cut last saturday...
Just short like you. But your fringe longer than me la...
Cut cut cut, nice cut! =D

Wei Cheng said...

lol. I do believe. means 95% similar exclude the fringe?
ur hair must be curve in as well rite?
Yeah cut, cut, cut, me like :)
And thx. :D