Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Movember to December

Feel my love?

Big big wave to welcome the arrival of December. December is my favorite month after all besides of April. Why April? If you know me well, then you will get my point. If no? Then is a secret I will never tell. *shhhh* December is lovey dovey. I love the atmosphere of Christmas : decorations, music, trees, feels and (not to forget) presents! Although I'm not a Christian, I just simply love Christmas.

told ya Xmas edition things are super beautiful *me love*

Some people say this is the last month of the year should treasure and appreciate it and do something meaningful! Well it sounds great. But to me, everyday is a gift, it isn't necessary to do something extraordinary meaningful only for this month. Everyday can be fun and meaningful, is depends how you see it and take it. You will never know what will happened for the following day, month or year, so just cherish, appreciate every moments and seconds. Speaking of present, "I wanna be a billionaire, so fucking freaking bad, buy all of things I never had." Many wish-lists but limited income. Hoping santa will hear me. :)))

Continue with my dream & song
 Billionaire by Bruno Mars


Josheen M said...

gambateh^^miss you

Wei Cheng said...

thx josheen. miss u too (: